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Posted: 1 week ago / May 14, 2020
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General Roleplay Rules

Do not RDM.
Only kill people while raiding, defending yourself, or enforcing a KOS area/warning advert. Any other reason to kill must be allowed through your job.
Hitting/shooting/killing people for a non-RP reason is not allowed.
If you accidently hit someone with a stray bullet, you must advert “Crossfire”.
If someone kills one of your party/gang members, you are allowed to kill them.
If someone launches you into the air/pushes you off a building and you take fall damage, you are allowed to kill them.
Do not break NLR.
Do not return to an area in which you have died for 3 minutes.
Do not return/interfere in a raid in which you have died until it is over.
Your character can not remember ANY information from their previous life.
Respect all players.
Do not use derogatory words towards someone on account of their gender, sex, or race.
Do not threaten staff or players with word of blackmail, DDoS, DoS, or Dox attacks.
Do not impersonate other players.
Do not spam chat, sounds, tools, etc.
Do not harass other players.
Do not advertise other servers/sites. A simple Twitch or YouTube plug every now and then is okay, but that is all.
Do not show, make, or play any type of pornographic material.
Do not FailRP
FailRP is failing to properly roleplay as your role on the server. An example is a cop not arresting someone who is wanted.
Do not RDM bait. Do not bait someone into attacking you just so you can cause a fight.
Do not self-supply unless there are no other dealers on the server. You must sell to players other than yourself.
Players that are annoying you in any manner must be warned 3 times in adverts before you can kill them. The adverts must be 5 seconds apart from one another in order to give the targeted player time to stop doing whatever they are doing.
Spawn is a no RP zone.
Do not disconnect during a raid to respawn stolen items.
Do not stack unrelated actions within adverts. For example, adverting Mug/Kidnap/PD raid is not allowed, but PD Raid/Raid is.
Staff on duty are immune to RP, do not mug, kidnap, or take/complete hits on them.
Do not abuse props/entities in any manner.
Do not use props/entities to minge, push, block, climb, trap, surf, slam, or kill in any way.
Do not use exploding props/entities as weapons.
Do not spam props/entities.
Do not metagame.
Metagaming is your character using information that they should not have to gain an advantage. (ex. Warranting someone for saying they have printers in OOC chat)
Hearing something through the walls and using it to your advantage is metagaming.
Do not use broken/missing textures to your advantage.
Do not hack, cheat, or exploit any unintentional server features.
Do not attempt to avoid/bypass punishment in any way.
Do not leave while you are in the middle of a sit without consulting the staff member in charge of the sit first.
Do not attempt to bypass any bans given to you, this will just result in a longer or permanent ban.
Do not attempt to exploit “gray areas” in the rules. Staff members have the final say in what goes on within the server.
Do not use any language other than English.
Building Rules

Do not not block off large sections of the map.
Do not not modify your base during a raid.
You or a party member must own all the doors to a room or building to place props or entities inside.
You are only allowed to own one base.
Keypads must be visible from the location of the prop they control.
Fading doors must stay open for at least 5 seconds.
No fake or hidden keypads.
Do not build in areas that are inaccessible by everyone else.
Only have a building sign if you are actively building. Do not place any entities within the building until the sign is removed.
KOS zones must be clearly marked in RED with the text screen tool. 
KOS zones are only allowed within buildings or zones in which you own every door.
KOS signs must be easily visible to other players.
KOS signs must fit into RP situations. A KOS sign with “KOS for all reasons” is not valid. Shops are not allowed to have a KOS sign that states “KOS if inside” or anything similar.
Use of one way props is permitted, but do not shoot through them.
No skybases, floating bases, bridges, or building on the streets.
If you wish to construct something decorative, consult a staff member first as they may allow it. However, do not spawn printers within said buildings/constructions.
Bases must be raidable.
If a large entity is unable to fit through your base after someone is done raiding you, your base will be considered invalid.
Do not force raiders to jump/crouch to enter/move through your base.
Fading doors must be one prop only.
No mazes, traps, or false entrances.
No flashing, invisible, or pitch black props.
Base entrances can not have more than 3 fading doors.
Job Rules


You are not allowed to participate in illicit activities (e.g. Mugging, Raiding, Stealing, etc.) unless stated otherwise.
Do not spawn printers unless stated otherwise.
You are only allowed to use melee weapons.
Hobo Leader
You are only allowed to use melee weapons or a pistol.
Gun Dealer/Cook
You must actively sell your product to players.
You are only allowed to use a pistol or melee weapons.
You are not allowed to kill while assisting a raid.
You are allowed to assist in illegal activities, but do not perform them. (e.g. Raiding a building by yourself)
Cinema Owner
Do not play videos with nudity, excessive amounts of gore, racism, etc.
You must open a bank to provide a safe, legal storage area for printers and bitminers.
Security Guard
You must base with someone that is not of the Security Job class.
Do not base alone.
Radio Host
Do not play ear rape, porn, or music intended to annoy players over the radio.
Micspam is not allowed on the radio.
Fight Club Owner
You must open up a club where people fight to the death using whatever is available to them.
Government Officials

You must uphold the law in any way possible.
You must protect the residents of the city no matter what.
Do not participate in illegal activities.
Do not purchase or use printers unless stated otherwise.
You must make practical laws for the common good and safety of the server.
Do not override server rules with your laws.
You are allowed to spawn printers.
Secret Service
You must protect the Mayor in any way possible.
You must stay near the Mayor at all times.
SWAT Leader/SWAT/Police Officer
You must enforce the laws of the server.
Search warrants must be valid and not based on suspicion. Warrants must be valid according to the current laws.
Do not make a player wanted based off of suspicion. Wanted reasons must be valid according to the current laws.
Prison Warden
You must offer a bail of up to $5000 to any prisoners within the cells.
You are allowed to beat unruly prisoners.

You are allowed to purchase printers.
You are only allowed to participate in illegal activities that correspond to your job.
You are allowed to raid and steal.
You must wait 5 minutes between raids.
You must wait 3 minutes between steals.
Black Market Dealer
You must open a store to sell your items and weapons.
Do not participate in illegal activities outside of selling your weapons/items.
Meth Cook/Weed Farmer
You are only allowed to make and sell your drugs.
Gang Member
You must assist your Gang Leader in any way possible.
You are allowed to raid, steal, and mug.
You must wait 5 minutes between raids.
You must wait 3 minutes between mugs and steals.
Gang Leader
You are allowed to raid, steal, mug, and jailbreak.
You must wait 10 minutes between jailbreaks.
You must wait 5 minutes between raids.
You must wait 3 minutes between mugs and steals.
Rebel Leader
You are allowed to Rebellion and PD raid. 
You must wait 10 minutes between PD Raids.
You must wait 5 minutes between Rebellions. Rebellions must only last 3 minutes and during that time you must kill any cop near the location the Rebellion was initiated.
Do not assist in Rebels.
You are allowed to Rebel. 
You must assist PD Raids in any way possible.
You must wait 5 minutes between Rebels, and you are only allowed to kill up to two cops during one.
Assisting a Rebellion/PD raid counts as Rebelling, so you must wait for the Rebel cooldown if you assist the Rebel Leader.
You are allowed to Kidnap.
You must wait 5 minutes between Kidnaps. An escape fee of up to $1000 must be charged to your prisoners.
You must hold prisoners for up to 3 minutes before you must kill them.
You are allowed to Raid and complete hits.
You must have a hit on the owner or co-owner of a base to raid it.
You must wait 5 minutes between raids.

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