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Posted: 7 months ago / Jun 02, 2020

Your Username: HughyJuspur / Mistah Haskins
Your SteamID: 76561198149966126 (SteamID 64) and STEAM_0:0:94850199 (SteamID 32)
Time Played: 0 *Server hasn't launched yet*
Total Garry’s Mod Time: 354 Hours and counting
Current Rank: Member
Rank Being Applied For: Staff
Permissions (If necessary): Any you need to give me
Previous Staff Experience: Tylers Box CWRP Moderator (2019ish) , Tylers Box DarkRP (2018-2019is) Moderator
Why Do You Think You Deserve This Rank: I am a long time member of the Tylers Box community and have been playing on these servers for years. I am very devoted to my job, and my abilities to protect and serve the community that helped me through dark times. If people need me, I am able to get on almost all the time!
Additional Information: I am a senior in Highschool so there's that, and I work some nights 5-9ish

The +1 GOD!

And also uses BOLD RED TEXT for everything else!

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