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Posted: 7 months ago / Jun 10, 2020

Steam Name:
show bobs and vagene

Discord Name & Identifier (ex.Bis#0001):


Which staff member recommended you?:


Will you use a microphone if you get accepted?:

Do you have any past experience staffing DarkRP servers?:
“Yes I've staffed in this community many times before, aswell as others.”

How many hours do you have in Garry's Mod?:

How many hours do you have in the server?:

When do you usually get on the server? (Time zones appreciated):
“24/7 outside of 3-9pm central"

What sets you apart from other applicants?(3 sentences minimum):
“I am very familiar with the servers community and players, I have plenty of previous time on the server and know just about everything a player would need. I am very active and am known on the server with a positive reputation, although I do not have much experience with ServerGuard I am a quick learner, and pick things up fairly easily. Other players may previously know me as staff and usually have good things to say about me. ”

Why do you want to be a staff member?(5 sentences minimum):
“I have previously been staff in this community before and enjoyed it a lot, I found helping others entertaining and something I am good at. I have noticed some of the staff currently may be struggling and I am willing to help with my previous skills. I believe me being staff will make a difference in terms of the servers health and reputation. I also have a lot of idea's and improvements to bring to the table, improving not only the staff team but the server aswell. Other than all that I'm a well known player and believe the playerbase would not mind me being staff. ”

Staff Scenarios
Two players are heavily disputing in chat and/or voice, how do you handle the situation?:
“I would politely ask the players to please calm down, if they refused to I would temporarily mute both, and if its a situation I can resolve I would do the best of my ability to do so.”

A player RDMs someone and when asked why they say that their friend told them to. How do you handle this situation?:
“I would give the player a verbal warning and let the player know that is simply not allowed on our server and show him the rules before he resumes playing.”

A player breaks a rule and says he didn't know because he is new, how do you handle the situation?:
“It would depend on what rule he broke for me to punish him, but I would make sure he understands the server rules before he resumes playing.”

A player calls RDM, how do you know who is telling the truth and proceed to handling the situation?:
“Ask what happened from both sides, then check logs to verify and punish accordingly. ”

A player kills you while off duty and you know it is random, how do you handle the situation?:
“Ask in staff chat for someone available to handle the RDM case.”

A player is body-blocking a door, preventing players from passing through. How do you handle the situation?
“Verbally warn the player and if he continues punish according to staff guidelines.”

Do you agree to put the server and its players in front of your roleplaying time and not to abuse your powers if you get accepted?: “ye”
Do you understand that if you are found to be abusing your powers we reserve the right to demote you at any time?: “yes”
Additional Info: “no”

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