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Posted: 5 months ago / May 12, 2020
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Rules that must be followed at all times

  1. Do not RDM.
  2. Do not spam.
  3. Do not harass or disrespect others.
  4. Do not advertise or leech.
  5. Do not exploit.
  6. Do not post or engage in inappropriate content.
  7. Do not minge or Fail Roleplay.
  8. In-game currency may not be sold or traded for real life items, currency or credits
  9. If a staff member finds what you’re doing unreasonable, you must stop, whether it is explicitly stated on the rules or not.
  10. Do not complain about decisions made by staff in-game or in Global Chat, instead, make a report/appeal on the forum.
  11. Do not avoid any punishment given by staff by any means
  12. Powergaming is not allowed.
  13. Try to stay in-character as much as possible in roleplay oriented areas of the server.
  14. Names must be player appropriate and must not be lore character names, nor ranks from the current Star Wars Universe. Staff have discretion on what is and is not appropriate.
  15. Do not spoil movies, shows or other media if they have been released within the last month.


Breakdown of character roles

General Character Rules

  1. Never assault an innocent/ally. If someone begins assaulting you or another innocent, you are allowed to defend them/yourself.
  2. Do not enter other battalions bunks without permission from a member of that battalion. The battalion’s officers can remove you from the bunk. This does not apply to CG when searching bunks for a wanted individual.
  3. Listen to anyone that holds an officer rank (or equivalent) regardless of their battalion. This includes both Clone officers and Jedi Masters/Council.
  4. Do not point your weapon at other people unless you intend to shoot them.
  5. Do not disrespect/talk down on other people/battalions.
  6. Any breach of Character Rules will result in a warning or an arrest by a Coruscant Guard (CG).
  7. Those in positions of authority may not order others to break server rules.
  8. Personnel are not to enter AOS areas without the correct rank, doing so can result in an arrest by CG.
  9. At no point is anyone allowed to create an Uprising/Riot of any form.
  10. You may join multiple battalions on different characters. You may only be an officer in a single battalion.
  11. Do not turn off/destroy base modules for any reason. Doing so may result in an arrest, warn, or ban, as different modules carry different punishments.

Clone Troopers

  1. Clones are encouraged to join battalions, but cannot make their own (includes squads).
  2. Battalions are to have a maximum of three executive officers (XOs). Battalions with a subgroup (212thAB, 501stTC, 41stGC etc.) are allowed a maximum of four executive officers.
  3. In order to be set to a Jedi Class inside a battalion the player being set to the class must hold the position in Jedi.


  1. Under no circumstance should any trooper be recruited to a battalion without taking part in a public tryout.
  2. Do not fast promote troopers in your battalion.

Jedi Order VIP+

Breaking any of these rules will result in varying degrees of punishment by staff/CG.

  1. Do not use Force abilities on Defcon 5 on the base. The exceptions are: simulations when allowed, and healing abilities.
  2. Do not command clones to do anything unless an appropriate rank to do so. Exception: linked Jedi within Battalions that hold an officer rank and Jedi Masters (rank equivalency still applies).
  3. Under no circumstances may a Jedi use a gun/grenades/stim kits. Saber and Knives/fists Only.
  4. Jedi that are listed as officers within their linked battalion have all the privileges of an officer. This includes claiming rooms, accessing AOS Areas, giving PTS, etc.
  5. Jedi are the only battalion that may be both an officer within the Jedi, and within a battalion.
  6. Saber Staves may not be used unless given permission by the Jedi Order.

Coruscant Guard

  1. May arrest those who break in character rules.
  2. Must always put the exact reason the clone was arrested in their arrest messages.
  3. If a clone was unarrested you must also put the exact reason for the unarrest in a message.
  4. Must always warn to stop first unless the offence is severity 4.
  5. If an individual is arrested, a member of the next highest ranking group may bail them.
  6. Senators may bail/pardon individuals for free.

Lore Jedi that decide to opt out of the Jedi Order:

  1. Must abide by any Jedi rules issued on this page.
  2. Do not hold the same permissions as one that is opt’d in. They may not Claim rooms under the Jedi Order, their only claim (if an officer rank is held) is the one of their battalion.
  3. Opt’d out Jedi cannot participate in Jedi Server events (1 & 2) on said lore character unless invited or given the permission to do so.
  4. If opt’d out, you revoke your ability to participate in Jedi activities, this includes but is not limited to: S2 Jedi Mini’s, Jedi Classes/Training.
  5. Opt’d out Jedi may enter the temple, however in doing so, they must abide by all Jedi Battalion rules and regulations within.
  6. Opt’d out Jedi have the ability to earn crystals.
  7. The Jedi Order have no power or control over opt’d out Jedi.

If the Jedi Police perform an arrest or warn without the correct permissions then it will be considered invalid.

Civilians Group

  1. Naval may allow designated Combat “Civilians” (ie Combat is in their Tag) into Debrief. All other Civilians can be invited if required for the event.
  2. Wookies and Combat Droids are allowed to assist in combat and use weaponry. They hold no authority.
  3. Astromech droids cannot use weaponry of any kind. Their primary function is to hack into technology/stim people.
  4. Protocol droids are translator droids, and cannot use weaponry of any kind. Their primary function is translating languages.
  5. Civilians may “attach” themselves to a battalion by getting an officer’s permission to do so.


Things that you can and cannot do during an event

  1. An individual may opt out of an event if they do not wish to participate, but may not actively attempt to stop the event outside of roleplay. No one can be forced to sit out of an event.
  2. VIP’s who play event characters must do as the Gamemaster asks and cannot minge/mic spam/etc.


Guidelines and procedures that must be followed in claimable rooms.

  1. Officers may claim any Claimable Room.
  2. Simulations may only take place in a Claimable Room.
  3. When starting a simulation, if players are in the room in which you wish to start the simulation, you must announce the purpose of the simulation and allow players 1 minute to leave.
  4. Simulations must not be started with the intention to kill a specific person/group(s) of people. A simulation can not be used to justify RDM.
  5. Trainings may be done in any area of the base appropriate for the training. These areas may not be claimed by battalions, as only Claimable Rooms may be claimed for private battalion use.
  6. Tryouts may only be held in any Claimable Room that has the tryout option, as well as in battalion bunks.
  7. Players cannot host simulations with the intention of making profit in the form of in game currency or items. Some examples include: Receiving RC to ban a player from a simulation, receiving RC to change a simulations rules or receiving RC to unban a player from a simulation. Bounties and Prize pools are not included.
  8. Simulation Rooms lobby areas, such as CSR, or player-built lobby areas, can not be a part of a simulation, even if the room they are connected to is a part of a simulation.
  9. Within Simulation lobby areas, BBHC / harming other players is not allowed. If the room is declared active, the lobby is as well, however, BBHC within the Lobby is against server Rules.


Procedures you need to know when a Debrief is called.

  1. Opening (salute and sit down) - Naval/Commanding Officer/Jedi Master+ PTS - Promotions - Closing Remarks and GM PTS.
  2. Opening: Upon entering Debrief, stand at a chair and wait for the call to salute and sit down. If you need to go AFK, you may take your seat. The Naval hosting DB will stand at the podium awaiting the majority of clones to enter and get started. The mission statement will be given by Naval (or an officer if no naval are available) summarizing the event and results of the mission.
  3. Naval/Officer PTS: An individual from each battalion may move to the stage for PTS.
  4. Promotions: Officers and Naval may go up and promote battalion members.
  5. Closing Remarks: Tip of the day (optional) and dismissal from debrief.
  6. Optional Game Master PTS: A chance to talk with the GM directly to provide feedback and/or give praise.
  7. If an Optional DB is called, you can come and go as you please, however do not be disruptive.

You must seek Naval permission to leave debrief early.

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